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Here's what Heidi Fore's coaching clients say.

"I sat at [a national training event] and for the first time at one of these events found myself saying, yep doing that, yep know that, yep coach told me that, yep yep yep ....yep I’ve checked many wealth building boxes, yep I’m truly now living life by deign thanks to Heidi!!! It feels so amazing!! Thank you!! I sure have mountains to learn still but because of coaching I feel I can learn faster, better, more efficiently with more purpose than ever! 

​I appreciate all you do!"

Nikki Douglass, realtor and owner of The Douglass Group

"Heidi I appreciate you so much. I would not have gotten started on the investment journey without your help. Taking the time to show me "how to do it" made all the difference in the world.​​"

Marilyn Burke, realtor and owner of Marilyn & Company

"If you are looking for a real estate coach, Heidi is legit! She always gives us value and definitely knows her stuff! She has given me great advice on team building and training. She has  helped us with business planning, investing in real estate, and building a life by design is her specialty (in my opinion), sales training, and pretty much all things real estate and investing. I give her 5 stars."

Tricia Brost, The Brost Group

"My amazing coach Heidi Fore was on stage today and shared with us how she bought 61 investment properties in 61 months. That’s pretty badass. I still remember my very first coaching call with her 18 months ago, and she asked me what my goals were and at that time I thought I was in love with my dream car and planned to get it within the next few years. She said “Hmmm, so tell me about your passive income”. She probably thought I hung up because there was a long silence. 18 months ago I had ZERO passive income. She redirected my focus quickly.

Since then we have bought 7 properties and now have $12,400 in passive income a MONTH, and that’s not including the amount of equity we have gained during that time. I have now fallen in love with the investing side of real estate, and I’m just getting started."

Apple Corial-Symns

A letter to customer service:

"You wanted to hear back from me on how my coaching with Heidi has impacted my personal and professional growth and goals. 


I have lost count on what year we are on with coaching with Heidi, I believe this is year 4. Heidi is an irreplaceable asset to my business. She has supported my family's goals and pushed to make sure that I am clear on how to obtain them. Whether these goals are scheduling, sales goals, personal needs or mindset Heidi has always been there to listen and give guidance. I am extremely grateful for Heidi. 


The tools and systems that Heidi has shared have helped me become clear on where each dollar goes, where my next sale is coming from and what I will be doing day to day in order for our family to reach our long term goals no matter how small they may be. 


Thank you for taking to time to get feedback on my coaching experience!"



Megan Madewell

Megan Madewell

There is no question in my mind that I would not be where I am in my career without Heidi Fore! She is an amazing coach and I am so thankful to have her as a part of our team. Heidi knows me very well and can adjust her coaching style to adapt to what my needs are at that moment. Transparently I do not always look forward to our calls because often times I’d rather check off my lengthy to-do list. However, after speaking with Heidi I realize what I must do is more important than what I could do. While staying focused and being accountable is not always my thing, I always leave the call feeling like I can accomplish anything!


At the beginning of the year Heidi challenged me to set big goals for myself and the team. These goals were so big that the simple process of writing them down seemed scary because my dreams felt unobtainable. I’m thrilled to share that we accomplished both goals... not only did I accomplish my personal dream of buying a beach house, by the end of this month our small team will surpass $1,000,000 in gross commissions. More importantly than GCI, by focusing on our sphere, our team will net over 60% profitability. Heidi has been a huge catalyst for this growth.


This morning while speaking to my husband and business partner James, I found myself crying tears of gratitude, because it hit me that we are truly living our Life by Design. I never could have imagined a life so big.

Rachel Farren

Coaching Testamonial Mariel.PNG

Video from Mariel about how Heidi Fore has helped her with her business and investing in real estate

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Video from Letrissa about how Heidi Fore has helped her make decisions for her business

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