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Just For Heidi's Coaching Clients

Where to get training

Things your business needs

Companies you can hire

Marketing Advice & Samples

  • Profit. Pipeline for the next 90 days. How much profit will be coming in (income-expenses)
  • Team members' KASH.
  • Potential people for the team.
  • Current clients. Scripts.
  • GCI.
  • Tech tips to save time.
  • Command.
  • Net worth.
  • Profit and Loss Statement from last month. Compare P and L year-to-date over last year.
  • Getting rid of a negative mindset.
  • Getting motivated.
  • Big Why.
  • Time management. Time drainers.
  • Multi-Year Trends Report.
  • Sources of sales YTD. Adding another source.
  • Review of the GPS.
  • Review of the 4-1-1.
  • What the Org Chart looks like now and in the future. Who to hire next?
  • Delegating tasks.
  • The Operations Manual.
  • Do we have enough leads coming in to meet this year's goal?
  • Do we have enough agents?
  • Is the database big enough to meet this year's goal? Next quarter's goal?
  • 36 touch effectiveness. Marketing effectiveness of methods and messages. Conversion ratios. Review marketing plan for this quarter.
  • What went well and what lessons were learned from last quarter
  • Other businesses. 
  • Next steps for buying rental properties or businesses.
  • What's on your calendar this week/month.
  • Are we on track for the 10-year plan for passive income?
  • Are we on track for the 10-month plan (10% of the annual goal achieved per month)?
  • ​Upcoming training to take

  • Team training topics to teach the team

  • Improve the conversion skills of agents on the team

What should we add to our session agenda this week?

Marketing Ideas

Topics For Newsletters / Postcards / Social Media Posts / Videos 


  • kitchen trends

  • spring cleaning

  • office organization

  • back yard living spaces

  • Independence Day BBQ tips

  • work/school station 

  • fall home maintenance

  • video of interviews with professionals about estate planning, divorce, tax problems, nursing homes, staging, decluttering/organizing, 

  • 12 strategies for getting offers accepted.

  • 10 things to do to your house before you put it up for sale


  • Pie giveaway

  • Night at the movies (theater or drive-in)

  • Tickets to a baseball or soccer game

  • Fall festival

  • Summer party to benefit a charity

  • Winter canned food drive or coat drive for a shelter

  • Summer - Collect donations for schools or Blessings In A Backpack

  • Fall - Photo session at a park for pets, kids, self, couples

  • Do a Call-In-To-Win-Giveaway

  • Host a party or networking event

  • Plan a seminar around investing, buying, or downsizing

  • Virtual classes where people learn something and engage with the teacher, such as an art class or wine tasting or intro to Spanish

  • Free coffee on ___date at ___coffeehouse. Come see me. I'll be there.

  • Free ice cream from 3:00-6:00 on ___ date at ___ location

  • Stop by my office on ___ between 5:00-7:00 to get a free pizza/Amazon Prime gift card/lottery ticket/etc.

  • Do 5 touches per event (Facebook event invite, FB message, text, call, email, mailed invitation)

  • Events are part of the 36 touch plan

Farming ideas

20 Strategies To Dominate A Neighborhood:

1. Buy a domain on GoDaddy that forwards to a webpage that lists all the active listings for the neighborhood in real-time. Take screenshots of it.

2. Make a Facebook page and take screenshots of the Facebook page to put on flyers and postcards.

3. When you get a listing, do Facebook live videos on the Facebook page and your normal real estate page click here to learn how

4. If you live in the neighborhood, make a Facebook group for neighbors. If there is already a FB group, be active in it.

5. Make a flyer for doorknocking - put the screenshots of the Facebook page and webpage on the front of the flyer. On the back of the flyer, put recent sales and market trends and reasons people should call you, like for a consultation on what updates they can do to improve their home’s value. The flyer should say: email or text me your email address to sign up to get our neighborhood monthly newsletter.

6. Send a monthly postcard of what’s on the Facebook Page. Do a spotlight on a lawn service or other neighborhood business.  Post a video of an interview with the business. On the postcard put " email or text me your email address to sign up to get our neighborhood monthly newsletter"

7. If you have phone numbers, make phone calls to see how the neighbors like it, and what business they suggest we spotlight next month. Tell them you will be making and posting a list of local companies that their neighbors recommend, "what companies do a good job should I include, maybe lawn care or painting or plumbing?" If you have a buyer for the neighborhood, or a listing, tell them about it on the call.

8. Get a custom sign rider made with the custom domain name on it. Use these on active listings.

9. Once you are #1 in sales in the neighborhood, put that on every postcard, every flyer, the webpage, facebook page, and make a "SOLD! by the #1 agent in ___" or "SOLD by the ____ neighborhood expert"

10. Every time you have an active listing and every time you have a sold, send a postcard to 300 people in the farm. The card should have a call to action on it "call me for a report of what your house is worth today." Consider a QR code on the postcard that takes them to your neighborhood page. Put the domain name and facebook URL on the postcard.

11. If there is a neighborhood yard sale, or social event, sponsor it. Pass out water bottles with stickers on them that have your contact info and the web addresses of the webpage and facebook group/page

12. Once a month or once a quarter, post in the group to message you or text you for a list of all the sales prices year to date in the neighborhood

13. Use that same list of sales prices to send out a jumbo sized postcard letting people know recent sales

14. Give gifts to the neighborhood at under $2 each via door knocking, or invite them to come to your driveway to pick up a gift (e.g. a pumpkin, or a slice of pizza "Driveway Friday Pizza Party")

15. Ask for donations for items for a local food bank, shelter, elementary school, blessings in a backpack, coats, blankets

16. Get custom pointer signs made for that neighborhood and put as many as you can on every corner when you get a listing

17. Attend HOA meetings to understand what is relevant to the neighborhood

18. As you collect email addresses, set them up on neighborhood update smart plans

19. Do a reverse BOLD 100, a giveaway, just for that neighborhood as a way to get email addresses and phone numbers. Have vendors pay for the item. Use a Google form to collect data

20. Sponsor a happy hour at a restaurant with a patio near your farm. Reserve the patio. Give them free appetizers from 5-7. Have a sign sitting on an easel that says, "Welcome ___ neighbors" and your logo and the lender's logo that sponsors it with you.


How to pick a neighborhood to dominate-click here for my spreadsheet 

Only do this for a neighborhood that has at least 6% turnover (number of MLS sales divided by total number of houses according to tax records).
Only if there is not an agent that has 50% market share.
Only if Average Days On Market is less than __  (pick your comfort level).
Only if the commission on 1 sale is 4x the cost of working these steps for 12 months.
Only if there are 300-500 people to mail to in the neighborhood. Postcards are $0.67 each x 12 months on VistaPrint. For a discount code, check before you order. The code will offset the $20 charge per order.
Only if the average price of a home is 1.5x your current average price
Only if you are willing to do this for 12 months consistently without quitting.

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