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Option 1:  Heidi will email you links to recorded videos

containing advice on buying rental properties and money management (for free)

Got it! Heidi will send you videos

Option 2:  Get advice from Heidi's free webinars

Get advice from Heidi in a 30-minute Zoom meeting. Learn strategies for buying rental properties and money management. 

She teaches classes for wherever you are on your wealth-building, financial-freedom journey: 

Check back here, we update this page frequently. 

   Where Can I Find Rental Properties With Good Cash Flow? March 14, 2024 - registration closed

   8 Ways To Buy Rental Property Using As Little Cash As Possible - March 28, 2024 - registration closed

Option 3:  See Heidi teaching on stage in person

   Las Vegas, Nevada - Mandalay Bay Convention Center - February 28

   Louisville, Kentucky - kw Louisville on Dutchmans Lane - March 20, 10:30 am

   Jeffersonville, Indiana - kw Realty Consultants on Charlestown-New Albany Rd - March 20, 12:30 pm

   Louisville, Kentucky - Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association - May 23, 5:30pm

   Lexington, Kentucky - Financial Freedom Through Rentals - KW Commonwealth - May 29, 11am

   Austin, Texas - August

   Cincinnati, Ohio- Keller Williams Seven Hills Realty - September 14

   Jeffersonville, Indiana - Jeffersonville Township Public Library - September 5

   Louisville, Kentucky - Northeast Regional Library - April 10

   Siesta Key, Florida - Buying and Managing Rental Properties - October 

Option 4: Take a self-paced online course on owning rental properties,

with question-and-answer time each week with Heidi for $398 


Following a proven plan helps you avoid big mistakes and saves you time on the journey. After taking these online classes, you will know all the steps to buy enough rental properties to replace your income from your job.  When you have enough profit from owning rental properties, working at a job becomes optional, not necessary. This ongoing course is for anyone, working at any company, working in any industry, that wants to learn the specific steps to financial freedom through owning rental properties. All course attendees can watch the videos anytime, and also join the weekly mastermind group discussions where investors share ideas and ask questions in the group. Tell your spouse or team member or friend about this interactive course and mastermind group so they too can be on a path to retire someday. You can come and learn for just one month, or keep coming back month-after-month until you are ready to retire. Start taking this course anytime and stop anytime.

Heidi Fore will walk you through the following essential elements of being financially independent through real estate investing

  • Plan each step of your path to financial freedom

  • Track your net worth  

  • Follow a budget for business and personal life

  • Make and follow a business plan for your rental property business

  • Learn to calculate your expected profit for a property and so you can easily say “yes” or “no” to a potential purchase

  • Choose what type of residential real estate is right for you 

  • Find rental properties to buy that meet your criteria

  • Learn about the many different ways investors pay for properties

  • Work with great tenants - from finding tenants to handling the application to signing the lease to collecting rent

  • Advice on maintaining your properties and managing your properties with free Google tools

  • Ways to protect your properties and your cash once you have financial freedom

  • Get checklists for everything - checklists for writing offers, working with tenants, what to do after the purchase and more

  • Get your specific questions answered about investing in rental properties in live Question-And-Answer sessions

You’ll learn the steps Heidi Fore took to buy 61 rental units in 61 months during a sellers’ market where it was hard to find

affordable properties. She will also share with you mistakes to avoid that could cost you thousands of dollars. Save time

and money by avoiding these mistakes many landlords make because they don’t know what they don’t know. Heidi has

bought enough properties to pay for her life expenses and she'll show you how to do it.

Take this interactive go-at-your-own-pace class whenever it fits in your schedule. There will be specific actions to take after each recorded session. You'll be taking steps toward financial freedom. There will be time each week to ask Heidi Fore questions in a Zoom meeting. Occasionally there will be a live in-person meetup for members of this mastermind group. There are ways to interact with the group in between the live meetings. This mastermind group and self-paced, online course provide direction, focus, advice, and accountability. You can get to your goal faster by following Heidi's proven plan, just like many other students of her classes have done. You can take steps towards being financially independent, not dependent on anyone for cash income except your tenants.

Join this live, interactive online class to learn alongside other investors who are starting or building their rental property portfolio.

This live online class meets once a week as a group for 12 weeks, total cost is $398.

Each week there will be a question-and-answer time.

During your time together, you will get a step-by-step plan to fund your life through the profit from your rental properties. You will be able to identify what type of rental property to buy and where to find it and ways to pay for it. You will be able to analyze a deal to make sure it meets your criteria. You will learn steps to find great renters, manage your time and money, and maintain the properties. You will have a way to track your progress all the way from where you are now to the finish line, financial independence.

About the instructor Heidi Fore

Heidi Fore is an Executive Coach who guides MAPS coaching clients on the path

towards profitability and financial independence. She has been a Realtor since 2002,

and has sold over 1,000 properties as a realtor. Heidi has experience with short term

rental properties and long term rental properties. To buy properties, Heidi has used

personal cash, conventional mortgages, cash out refinance loans, private money

lending, seller financing, portfolio loans, commercial loans, and her self-directed

retirement account. She bought, renovated, rented and sold rental properties in

the USA and Costa Rica.

What people have said about Heidi's classes 

"Heidi exceeded my expectations. I am currently in escrow on my first solo investment property.  I would highly recommend taking her classes."

-Amy Braun, 2022 attendee

"Heidi, I wanted to thank you for your class... I was able to purchase two new construction homes under a SDIRA, financing it with a

non recourse loan. I would not have tried this without everything I learned from your class. First two doors in the bag."

-Robert Scott MacDonald, 2022 attendee 

“Great class. Very detailed. This helps people achieve their net worth goals faster and with a good plan.”

 -Nicole Brescia, 2022 attendee

"Heidi is amazing and did not hold back on any processes! So inspiring! She not only gives investing advice, but good overall financial habits."

- Kathy Sexton, 2022 course attendee

"Heidi gives you the courage to get things done."

- Shannon Menard Sr., 2022 course attendee

Option 5:  One-On-One Coaching 

"Heidi guided me to the purchase of 3 investment homes in a little more than a year. She is THE best! Incredibly knowledgeable.  I highly recommend her and her course!"

-Gina Padro, Heidi's coaching client

Spend 30 minutes each session with Heidi talking about your specific situations and goals. You'll make progress in four areas: how to make more money, spend less money, invest the profit, and increase your net worth.

To schedule a call with Heidi to discuss what to expect in coaching sessions, click the button below. One-on-one coaching is $1500 per month and includes the $398 class on investing in rental properties. 

Option 6:  Get advice for teaching teens about money in Heidi's online class for $30

This class has three parts. The first section of the class is for teens to learn 30 things about money and tell a

parent what they learned. The second section of the course is for parents. Parents will get a list of 30 things

parents can pay their kids to do. The last section of the course shows parents 30 ways to teach teens good

money principles as they grow. 

Option 7:  Get real estate advice from agents on Heidi's real estate team

Heidi Fore and the team members of the River Valley Group will give you advice on buying and selling houses in Louisville, Kentucky, areas around Louisville, and Southern Indiana. Heidi's teammates can help you buy and sell houses, condos, and investment properties in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio as well. The agents who work with Heidi are trained on how to find good deals for real estate investors. They can send you properties for sale that might meet your criteria for buying rental properties. You only pay them a commission for successfully completed transactions. Here is a link to Heidi's website to find homes for sale.

Option 8: Hire Heidi Fore to come to teach your group in person 

Heidi has 4 in-person courses that she teaches. Click here to schedule a time to talk with her

about speaking to your group and

decide on a date. The investment is $3600 for time and travel costs.

Option 9: Get free advice when Heidi Fore posts on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube

Please subscribe to Heidi Fore's Youtube Channel here 

Follow Heidi on her business Facebook page here  or her personal Facebook page 

Follow Heidi on Instagram here

In some of her videos and live classes, Heidi talks about a cash flow plan and financial statements.

Click here to download the 14 Steps to Financial Freedom and the Cash Flow Plan

Click here for the simple Financial Statements and goal-setting worksheets.

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  • Heidi Fore is on a mission to help people make good decisions with their finances and business and investment choices.

  • Heidi is a realtor with more than 20 years of real estate sales experience.

  • She helps people invest in real estate. Heidi Fore is also a real estate investor.

  • You may have read about Heidi in Realtor Magazine’s “30 Under 30” or Business First’s “40 Under 40” or Real Estate Magazine’s “Realtors On The Rise” articles, or maybe you saw her on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters.

  • Heidi Fore is a financial coach and business consultant who gives people clarity on how to spend less, make more money, and invest wisely so they can retire sooner. By doing this, Heidi helps people get to the point where they can live their dream life, to do the things they've always wanted to do, and have what they've always wanted to have.

  • Heidi completed over 500 hours of training on how to be an effective coach through Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach training, Darren Hardy's High Performance Forum, and KW MAPS Coaching. She knows how to coach entrepreneurs to have breakthroughs in their business, to get to the next level.
  • For 8 years, Heidi has been a KW MAPS coach for Keller Williams Realty agents.

  • Heidi is an international trainer.
  • She is a leader of the River Valley Group, a real estate team that helps people buy and sell houses in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

  • Her passion is helping people achieve their goals in life. She teaches life skills to teenagers about to age out of orphanages around the world to prepare them for a life of independence and hope.

  • People sign up to work with Heidi because she's done it. She's done what they want to do. It's not just theories. By hearing how Heidi did it, other people have the confidence to take the steps too.

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